I was looking through my People magazine and i saw something i now really want. It's from eos; Evolution of Smooth. they have this really great lip balm, and now hand lotion. my neighbor has it and when she found out i wanted it, she started rubbing it in my face. nice girl, :( 
Today since it's Earth Day I am hopefully going to be able to go planting. But because my lovely town here seems to get the WORST WEATHER EVER ( thankfully no tornados, just warnings) I think my all -day gardening plan will NOT work. At least now I can  do my new favorite cake recipe. It's call Cake Balls by Bakerella. I guess my day won't be that bad. 
Well Bye!! ~Ali
I hate school!!! Are there any other kids out there that also hate school?!? I've been thinking about starting a protest out front of the White House. Any kids agree on that?!?! The only thing that really gets me happy to go to school is my teachers Mrs. Sabatelli and Mrs. Orens. And my before and after school clubs. 
Well, BEYE!! ~Ali
I love my website!!! If you hate this website please get off of it!!!